What Growth Under Pressure is About

Purpose, Beliefs, and Values of Growth Under Pressure

Mission, Values, Beliefs

To lead to the thinking: We can thrive in spite of adversity by looking for those who need help more than we do, and creatively helping them.


  1. If you let yourself feel like a victim, you will paralyze your actions and suffer more. On the other hand, if you seek your inner entrepreneur, you will discover resources you may not have recognized before and feel great about your response to a challenge.
  2. In other words, we can either shrink or grow under pressure. Let’s grow.
  3. Doesn't it show more responsibility to develop your inner self in order to best respond to this challenge for all those you care about?
  4. Nietzsche said, “That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger”.
  5. It's not about surviving; it's about thriving by utilizing the challenge to find more inner and outer resources.
  6. Being a leader instead of a victim is looking for how you can help those impacted even more than you and how to reorganize resources to best help them. If it's affecting you, that empathy means they'll relate to your help with even more appreciation.
  7. If you step back and take in the bigger picture, you'll see this crisis will pass and those who grew from it will thrive most.
  8. It's not about how much it's hurt you, it's about how we are all in the same boat and that boat needs leaders as captains to get us around these icebergs to smoother seas. Be a captain to those close to you and those who need your help.
  9. You might see the brighter future for yourself and those you impact by the agile entrepreneurial skills you developed responding to a crisis. Or, you might notice the problems you will have avoided. Maybe it will be both.
  10. How do you know you don't already have growth-under-pressure leadership potential and just haven't noticed and developed it yet because nothing challenged you enough?
  11. We don't know what resources you'll discover and reorganize to best respond to this crisis and thrive in spite of it.
  12. This “big” problem shrinks to a manageable pocket-size when contrasted to the big, bright opportunities rising from learning more grace under pressure, growth under pressure and thinking on your feet.
  13. We hope to inspire people to move from being “frozen” to the generosity and compassion that transcends circumstances.