Growth Under Pressure

Coronavirus is impacting nearly all of us. What should we do? Our story will tell ...

A community of youth athletes and their coaches could have felt "lost" along with their missing Spring 2020 Season. Instead, they are coming together under a higher purpose to make a positive difference for those with even greater needs.

Their example is inspiring people and organizations to rally together and move from trying to dodge an unfortunate curveball of isolation and fear to, instead, thriving during adversity.

We can thrive by taking stock of our resources in gratitude, looking for those who need help even more than we do, and creatively helping them with what we uniquely have to offer.

Like the athletes and coaches who started the movement, the Growth Under Pressure campaign is a fundraising campaign for nonprofits helping those affected by Coronavirus or in survival mode because of the pandemic.

And it promotes spreading the network of engagement to expand the reach and amplify the impact of this message:

In this time of forced physical separateness, we can come together in a greater sense with the message that we can either shrink or grow under pressure.

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About Growth Under Pressure

The purpose of Growth Under pressure is to inspire during the Coronavirus Pandemic with the message: "The best way to thrive in a crisis is to assess your resources in gratitude and creatively organize them to help those who were impacted even more." Click here to learn more.

The Youth Sports Teams that Initiated This

The program started with youth sports teams who decided to take back their lost their Spring 2020 Season. Rather than feeling deprived, they are instead making a positive difference by raising funds for nonprofits who are helping those impacted by Coronavirus or which have been severely impacted by Coronavirus themselves. These teams were already united under the cause of giving back through involving charities in their fundraising campaigns in more normal seasons through mPower6.

Let's Think Like Entrepreneurs

Harbor Executive Director Daniel Stern, who is taking a leadership role in Growth Under Pressure, sees it as a way for the nonprofit organizations involved to show a united front while facing an economy that makes fundraising and day to day operations more difficult. Stern said “Nonprofits in the Lowcountry face a difficult challenge. They are all clearly affected by the Coronavirus themselves yet are needed now more than ever. So, they have to continue to operate under the duress of the current pressure.” Stern adds how challenging this year has also been for the Harbor Entrepreneur Center and the businesses it supports.

Helping those who need it the most and lifting our spirits during a crisis:



The campaign supports organizations including: Be A Mentor (supporting youth in schools), Vantage Point Foundation (support for veterans), Carolina Youth Development Center (home for abused and neglected kids), R3 Inc. (youth empowerment), Sara’s Cure (clear cell sarcoma), The Harbor Entrepreneur Center (economic development) and Meals On Wheels (senior meals) with promotional campaigns, including email, texts, and partnerships with businesses.

Business Partners

Business Partners

Multiple Lowcountry businesses are already involved as partners, including The Charleston Riverdogs, Tri-County Line-X, Diamond Prospects, Greater Charleston Properties, Ross Printing, 5th Level Web, Tres Carmen Boutique and the Lowcountry Hospitality Association. Click through to learn more about our partner program and how your business can benefit by participation.